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Bakery Packaging

Clear bakery packaging box from a certified factory according to international standards for packaging various products, including cakes and other food items, safely.

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Clear bakery boxes

Clear bakery packaging box for sandwiches, bread rolls, cookies, cupcakes, and jam rolls. Made of transparent PET material, with a secure lid.

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Donut boxes

Clear plastic box for various pastries, including doughnuts and bread rolls. The box is made of transparent PET material and comes with a secure lid.

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Cake boxes


Pastry boxes

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Cookie boxes

Cupcake packaging


Muffin packaging


Bakery Boxes R4, R5


Triangle cake boxes

Sandwich boxes

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Company Yuengyung Enterprises specializes in air compression molding for industry trays. We also produce a wide range of products, including food items and many others.

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