Plastic forming factory (YYE)

No. 1 in plastic forming industry PP PET (Food-Grade) plastic packaging factory powerful Modern machines, high standards, certified by international standards FSSC22000 and มอก.. Confident in quality.

Plastic Cup & Lids

Clear plastic cups and lids of various shapes such as capsules, coffee cups, pearl milk tea cups Made from good quality plastic, flexible, standard quality.

Food Containers & Lunch Box

Plastic Food Container standard quality, Can be heated in the microwave. Suitable for containing a variety of hot and cold food.

ฺBakery packaging

Beautiful shape bakery packaging, available in many sizes Clear plastic texture Make the product stand out

Fresh Tray & Frozen food tray

Fresh Tray PP Plastic for packing products, meat tray, vegetable tray, snack tray, and Supports the weight well.

Salad Box & Plastic Packaging

Square salad box. PET (Food Grade) material, clear, strong, closed, locked. There are many shapes to choose from according to use.

Egg Tray

Transparent PET plastic tray, stable in shape, durable, strong, anti-shock And a tightly locked lid There are many sizes to choose from as needed.

บรรจุภัณฑ์พลาสติก แก้ว ฝาพลาสติก YYE

Yuenyong Enterprises

All plastic products of Yuenyong Enterprises Manufactured from high quality plastic beads that are resistant to temperature, flexible, strong skin, clean and safe from chemicals. Suitable for safe packing of food Add value and a good image to your brands.

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