Plastic food container made of PP.

The plastic food container is made from PP/PET material, FOOD-GRADE certified for food safety standards, free from harmful substances. It can be heated in a microwave (PP only) and comes in a beautiful design.

YRL01 กล่องอาหาร 1 ช่อง YYE

Food container with 1 compartment, model YRL02-1.

YRL02 กล่องอาหาร 2 ช่อง YYE

Food container with 2 compartments, model YRL02.

YRL03 กล่องอาหาร 3 ช่อง YYE

Food container with 3 compartments, model YRL01B-3.


RBC Large Lunch Box, 2-Tier.

2-tier bento box, RELOCK rice box.
✅ New locking model, tightly sealed lid.
✅ The tight lock is easy to open by hand.
✅ Microwave-safe for the entire set.
✅ Certified to the standards.

กล่องพลาสติกใส่อาหาร ชนิด ฐาน PP ฝา PET

Plastic PP lunch box, black base with clear lid.

Plastic lunch boxes, available in 1 to 5 compartments, made of PP material (FOOD-GRADE), in white-black color. Resistant to temperatures up to 90°C, suitable for hot foods such as steaming rice, hot stir-fries, and curries. The PP base can be used in the microwave for reheating, making it convenient for immediate consumption. Comes with a clear PET plastic lid, securely sealing the food and allowing clear visibility of the contents. (Note: PET lids cannot be microwaved together with the PP base.)

กล่องอาหาร พลาสติก PP ตัว+ฐาน

Plastic lunch box PP model 750ML.

Plastic food packaging box, 750ML capacity, made of PP (FOOD-GRADE) material, clear color, tight-lock lid, heat-resistant, suitable for heating in the microwave safely, both the base and the lid.

lunch boxes BENTO

Multi-compartment lunch box, black PP base, microwave-safe, clear PET lid, made of FOOD-GRADE material, safe for food, sturdy and durable tray, tight-lock lid.

กล่องอาหาร พลาสติก PETตัว+ฐาน

Clear PET food container with a transparent lid.

Plastic food container, capacity 250-500 grams, made of PET (FOOD-GRADE) material, transparent, with a snap-lock lid. Not suitable for temperatures exceeding 60°C or prolonged exposure to heat. Ideal for packaging food, snacks, salad vegetables, fruits, and refrigerated items. The clear design allows for better visibility of the contents.

ถ้วยพลาสติกใส่อาหาร ชนิด ฐาน PP ฝา PET

Plastic food container.

Food container with a black base and clear PET lid. The base is made of PP (FOOD-GRADE) material, resistant to temperatures up to 90°, suitable for containing hot food or for use in the microwave. The lid is available in both PET and PP options, providing a tight seal to prevent food spillage. Available in three sizes: YBS, YBM, and YBL.

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