Food Container

Food packaging Food box Certified by international standards. Makes you confident in safety

Food Container PP

Lunch box, plastic food container, 1 – 5 compartments, the base is made of PP material (FOOD-GRADE), white-black color, resistant to temperature 90 °, suitable for containing hot food such as hot steamed rice, stir-fry and hot curry. The PP base can be used with microwaves. Warm and ready to eat Comes with a clear PET plastic lid, completely sealed, preventing food from spilling. It also helps to clearly see the nature of the food inside (PET lids cannot be microwaved with the base).

Food box PET

Plastic box, food packaging, volume size 250-500 grams, material PET (FOOD-GRADE), clear color, closed lid Not resistant to high temperatures above 60° or exposure to heat for a long time. Suitable for containing food, snacks, vegetables, salads, frozen fruits, etc. Clear food boxes making it possible to see the food inside more clearly

bowl container

Food packaging cup, black base, clear PET lid, the base is PP material (FOOD-GRADE), temperature resistant to 90 °, suitable for hot food packaging. or used in conjunction with a microwave Warm and ready to eat The lid is available in both PET and PP, tightly sealed, preventing food spills, available in 3 sizes: YBS, YBM, YBL models.

food packaging boxes, snacks, fruits

food packaging plastic box Suitable for food preservation Whether it’s vegetables, salads, fruits, desserts, Thai desserts, all come with sealed plastic lids. The box is made of standard quality PET material. Strong and durable, not easily broken not heat resistant and cannot be used in conjunction with a microwave

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