Salad Box

Plastic Salad Container, salad box, suitable for packing vegetables, fruit, salad, made from PET (Food Grade) material, clear color, can see the product inside Makes it look more appetizing


Square Plastic Salad Container

Clear plastic box For putting on a 4-sided salad made from PET material that is clear and strong Increase appetite for products


Round salad box

Large round salad box, suitable for salad Sweets and various fruits Beautifully, clear color plastic, durable


Clear plastic salad box

square salad box fruit box Suitable for storing various food items The lid can be tightly closed, preventing steam. Clear PET makes the food inside look beautiful.


Portion cups&Lids

Small plastic cups Suitable for putting various sauces, sauces, with a lid to close the cup completely Waterproofing


Clear Box Salad

Plastic box, basket shape, clear PET material, strong, model with handle, easy to carry There are many sizes according to the needs of use.

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