Plastic Lid for Cup

Factory manufacturing plastic cup lids, including flat lids, dome lids, hinged dome lids, sip-thru lids, paper cup lids, coffee cup lids, made from PET material, Food-Grade type, produced with modern machinery, cleanliness and safety at every step, certified to ISO9001-2015 and Thai Industrial Standards.

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Flate Lids

YYE plain plastic cup lids come in a variety of sizes by reducing the size of the glass mouth Ø85, Ø90, Ø91, Ø95, Ø98, Ø116, used to cover the cup according to the size of the cup.

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Dome Lids

Glass lids, clear dome lids, various sizes Ø85, Ø90, Ø91, Ø95, Ø98, Ø116 are used to close the glass. for beauty Able to penetrate the tube

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Half Dome Lids

Half Dome Lid Products dome lid cut in half There are two sizes: Ø95, Ø98, beautiful clear color, used to cover plastic glasses. tube can be drilled down

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Hinged Drink Lid

Plastic cup lid, drinking type YYE, there are 2 sizes, glass mouth Ø95, Ø98, used to cover the mouth of the glass according to the size, can drill holes and lift to drink.

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coffee lid

coffee cup cover product Close the paper cup, heat resistant, can open the lid to lift and drink, available in sizes Ø82, Ø90, suitable for use with coffee cups by convenience store

Selling Plastic Cup Lids, Paper Cups, Coffee Cups.

YYE stands out in the field of lid production in Thailand for a long time. We offer a variety of lid designs to cater to our customers’ needs.

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