Plastic Trays PP / PET

Factory of Plastic Tray Packaging Production – Various Designs, Made from Food-Grade PP and PET Materials. Produced with Modern Machinery, Clean and Safe in Every Process. Certified with ISO 9001-2015 and มอก. Standards.

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Plastic Trays for Fresh Food Packaging

Durable Plastic Trays for Packing Meat and Frozen Foods – Sturdy and Resilient Design, Resistant to Twisting and Bending, Ideal for Long-lasting Use.

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Seafood Platters - Plastic Seaford Trays

PP Food-Grade Plastic Trays – Suitable for Food Packaging and Freezer Safe up to -20°C


New sushi tray! Comes with a locking lid.

Sushi box: Black PP base, clear PET lid.
✅ New locking model: Tight-sealing lid.
✅ Easy-to-open lock, strong and sturdy!
✅ Thick and robust tray.
✅ Compliant with standards.

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Fresh Vegetable Tray - Suitable Shabu Sets.

Plastic Tray for Fresh Vegetables – Ideal for Sushi, Shabu-Shabu, and Hot Pot. Suitable for Food Packaging and can be Sealed with Plastic Wrap.

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Sushi and Sashimi Tray - Fresh

Plastic Bento Box with Sushi Tray – Exquisitely Arranged Japanese Cuisine with a Lid.

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Company Yuengyung Enterprises specializes in air compression molding for industry trays. We also produce a wide range of products, including food items and many others.

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