Plastic egg Trays

A plastic packaging manufacturing factory using vacuum technology produces egg cartons, plastic egg trays, and plastic egg containers. These containers can hold eggs ranging from 0 to 4, available in configurations of 1-cell, 2-cell, 10-cell, 15-cell, up to 30-cell. The products are certified to international standards, ensuring your confidence in their quality. They are sealed tightly, featuring locking buttons and securely attached handles. We are the pioneers of this technology in Thailand.

Seal Enclosure

Lock Enclosure

Hook Enclosure

แพ็คไข่ 2 ฟอง CPK02

2-compartment egg packaging

แพ็คใส่ไข่พลาสติก 3 ฟอง DK03

3-compartment egg packaging

แพ็คใส่ไข่ 4 ฟอง PK04

4-compartment egg packaging

กล่องใส่ไข่ 6 ฟอง JP-PK06

6-compartment egg packaging

กล่องใส่ไข่ 10 ฟอง JP-PK10

10-compartment egg packaging

ถาดใส่ไข่ 15 ฟอง PK15Lg

15-compartment egg packaging

ถาดใส่ไข่ 30 ฟอง YYE-PK30

30-compartment egg packaging

แผงใส่ไข่ 30 ฟอง PK30L

30-compartment egg packaging lid

Egg tray and egg packaging

Are you looking for high-quality egg packaging? YYE provides superior egg packaging made from Food-Grade PET material. You’ll receive packaging that is both flexible and sturdy, capable of preventing breakage effectively. Whether you need to package eggs in quantities ranging from 0 to 4, these packages come in various designs suitable for all purposes. International quality standards are crucial to ensure your confidence in the value that each piece will offer.

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