YBM food container

฿ 1,356

  • Product size : 163 x 163 x 65 mm.
  • Material : PP Cover / PP Base
  • Capacity : 750 ml.
  • Quantity of the product : 200 pcs./ctn.

YBM food container.

The plastic packaging factory produces plastic containers including food bowls, noodle bowls, rice bowls, and soup bowls, all equipped with lids. They are made of PP/PET materials under the YBM model, available in various capacities (measured in grams), meeting standard quality. Food-Grade The base is black, made of PP material, heat-resistant, and microwave-safe. It comes with a lid. There are two options for lids: PET (not microwave-safe) and PP (microwave-safe, with base).

The YBM bowls are suitable for containing and consuming hot foods, whether it’s curry, noodles, wonton soup, various rice dishes, etc. They are convenient for carrying and eating on the go.
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Medium-sized YBM food bowl.

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